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July 17, 2012 by benmblackman

So I kind of decided a while ago to try and find 20 people to complete the Preston Guild 10km race (to raise a load of cash for the charity I run of course). I guess because I was in work mode working this out it all seemed very easy to me: 20 runners raise £100 each in sponsorship = you do the math.

I conveniently overlooked the inconvenience of the fact that 1 of those runners would be me because I knew it would be easier to find others if I was doing it myself and, besides – I like running, I thought, and love doing 10km’s.


Lightbulb Moment – and not in a good way!

It was only a few weeks ago I suddenly had the lightbulb moment where I realised – hang on a second – I haven’t run 10km for, like, a very long time (probably 11 years and that was perhaps actually the only time I have ever run that far in one go). Also, forget the 10km bit – when was the last time I ran anywhere (aside from for the train)? Actual answer was, I think, 2 years ago.

Cricket Wicket – 22 Yards

I do play cricket (irregularly) but can’t really attribute this to any running ability due to the fact that this year I have, so far, scored 1 run with the bat (1 run = 22 yards) and whatever I have done in the field I tend to surpass through the amount of sandwiches, pastries, crisps, and cake I tuck in to at tea – well, if you didn’t it ‘just wouldn’t be cricket.’ What a fine sport cricket is by the way, any sport where you get to enjoy a cup of tea and slice of home made cake at half time is certainly the one for me. More on this in a future blog I’m sure.

Cricket Tea – Rather!

John Motson (He says ‘schoolboy error’ a lot).

So, yes, basically, I made the schoolboy error of assuming my ability to run 10km based on what I had been able to do (once) 11 years ago. On the one hand, 11 years on, I am probably in a better position to do it now (back then I was in the middle of university so in terms of alcoholic units and nicotine intake I scored off the scale) but then, on the other hand, I did have the advantage of age and skinniness on my side back then (see last blog Fat Skinny Man).


If you did read Fat Skinny Man (22 have – yippee! going up) then you’ll know about my recent fitness related pledges. I’m not going to repeat them here – go and read it lazy bones. But I’ll remind you of one of them – ‘I will start running again.’

The way I sold it to myself for reasons of positivity after that lightbulb moment was this: Well, the run is not until 30th September so really I’ll be able to get fit enough to run 10km if I run a couple of times a week in August & September. Whatever I do in July is a bonus.

I have therefore set myself a target of running once a week in July. Actually I’d like to achieve twice a week but I always aim too high on these things and then get frustrated so I decided to go down the old MP technique of – ‘commit little, deliver a lot’.

The MP mantra – commit little, deliver a lot.

Last Tuesday I was ready. 5.30pm and I changed into my kit (after taking 25 minutes to find my shorts – not a good sign).

I planned to run 2 miles (or as far of that as I could). Up to the hotel and back (I know it is exactly 1 mile from our house from my running of years past). Don’t bite off more than you can chew, I thought, you don’t want to be trying to tackle the 3 mile circuit round the village at this stage. Just get back on the bike (so to speak). Get back in the running groove.

Tune in next time to see how I got on… I’ll post again tomorrow to explain how – I promise.


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