Monthly Archives: August 2012

  1. Diary of a Man (Flu)


    August 30, 2012 by benmblackman

    Day 1 After the lovely long bank holiday weekend just gone I felt great returning to work on Tuesday morning …
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  2. iPad’s in Schools


    August 29, 2012 by benmblackman

    When I was in school we couldn’t afford books, these days iPad’s are becoming standard issue apparently. A colleague told …
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  3. Counter Culture


    August 27, 2012 by benmblackman

    A quite hideous realisation struck me at precisely 12.15pm yesterday. I know this because I took my Apple iPhone out …
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  4. Café Confusion


    August 22, 2012 by benmblackman

    You might remember from my last (non)award winning blog Mentalist at the Dentist I listed a few of my pet …
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  5. Mentalist at the Dentist?


    August 14, 2012 by benmblackman

    Am I the only person who finds sitting in the dentist’s chair an oddly relaxing experience? Well, once I’ve got …
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  6. Eclectic not Selective

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    August 2, 2012 by benmblackman

    I cannot understand it when I meet people who apparently only like one style or genre of music. Either they …
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  7. Happy Campers


    August 1, 2012 by benmblackman

    Me: ‘I don’t get it.’ Her: ‘What?’ Me: ‘Camping. I just don’t get it.’ Apparently, 18 hours in to our …
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