Never be too busy for First Aid Training


September 6, 2012 by benmblackman

An elderly lady has just fallen over in front of you. She banged her head on the way down. You can see blood coming out and she’s starting to shake. She looks at you disturbed and worried.

Would you know what to do?

I hope you would. I didn’t.

It still pains me that, instead of giving reassurance, I looked just as disturbed and worried as she did. You could see it in her eyes and I bet she could see it in mine. For a split second the realisation of how useless I was to this lady struck. Luckily for her, by the time we had shared this moment of confusion and worry an angel had appeared. She acted quickly, decisively, amazingly.

She was my hero.

Once the ambulance had been and gone, I thanked her so much for what she had done. I asked her how on earth she knew what to do, how she kept so calm.

‘I don’t know,’ Laura said, ‘it must have been the First Aid training I suppose.’ She went on to tell me that she had never done anything like this before. She assured me that she wasn’t ‘a hero’ most days. She ‘just works in an office.’ Luckily her employers had recently offered all of their staff First Aid Training and Laura booked on. I told her, ashamed, that I have never had First Aid Training. It’s something I’ve always championed should be standard in schools across the country yet whenever I’ve had the chance to take part myself I haven’t (this sounds so lame, and it is in light of the opening paragraph you read) ‘had time.’

I hope I’m not the only one who admits to this sin but in case there are more culprits – promise me something? Next time the chance comes up you take it. Like David Bowie once sang, ‘we could be heroes, like Laura one day.’

Donna Wren, First Aid Trainer extraordinaire, tells me that ‘sometimes people shy away from First Aid Training because it seems a bit too scary. People often think they’ll do it wrong but it’s far better to know how to do it than avoid the issue altogether!’ After years of training people in First Aid Donna recently set up her own company, Wren Training. They are passionate about ensuring participants on their courses ‘feel confident to actually do it when they need to. A certificate is all well and good (and you’ll get one of those too) but when you leave our courses you have the skills which will give you the ability to save lives.’

My advice to you? If you’re an employer – be a hero. Make sure you put training on regularly for your staff.

If you’re an employee – be a hero. Make sure you book on to First Aid training if you get the opportunity. Believe me, you’re never ‘too busy’ to learn how to save somebody’s life. If it wasn’t for Laura that day, death was seriously an option for the lady on the floor.

If you don’t work or can’t access First Aid training through your employer then there are lots of affordable courses providers like Wren Training put on for individuals, families and groups to enjoy and learn from.

Donna Wren went on a First Aid Course aged 16. She thought she could do better and ‘a few’ years later she has successfully provided training to hundreds of organisation’s and thousands of individuals. Wren Training provides a range of First Aid courses for individuals and organisations.

Donna Wren


Tel: 07760 809 535


Twitter: @WrenTraining


One thought on “Never be too busy for First Aid Training

  1. Kerry-Anne says:

    Excellent post! I’m lucky that my last employer sent us all on first aid courses and just hope, should the time ever come, that I will know what to do. I think it’s something everyone should know :0).

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