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October 21, 2013 by benmblackman

I pity the fool...I pity the fool (who doesn't read my blogs)

Selfie of me. I pity the fool…I pity the fool (who doesn’t read my blogs).

Regular readers of my blog will know there is nothing I like doing better than having a ruddy good pint of lager* down the nuclear sub** with me china plates*** (whilst watching the footie****). Not a weekend goes by you will not find me with one sort of power tool or other in my hand. That last bit is actually true!

*Except this year when I have given up drinking for 365 days. Weirdo.



****I don’t really like football any more.

What I think is clear to see is, I am a man in my early thirties (just), fully in touch with my masculinity (just).


She’s always there for me. She never lets me down.

I have a petrol lawn mower.

But I also have a cross to bear. You and I both Samantha Brick – this blasted good looking face of mine has been like a mill stone around (well above) my neck for many years now.

I can’t take full credit though. Oh no, a ‘guy’ like me embraced metrosexuality back when it wasn’t the norm. Yes, I’ve been Boots 2for1 Face Pack-ing it up for years. Well I used to, now and then (every other weekend if possible) back in the days before babies, DIY, too much work and all these blogs to write.

But times have been tough for us all recently and, until the other night, I hadn’t sea weeded up for 4 whole years. Even a face as well cleansed, toned and moisturised as mine was in need of an extra bit of attention.

Step forward, my wife. “I’m going to use this face mask, do you want to have a go?”

Is there a specific bit you put it in or do you just poor it all over the engine?

Is there a specific bit you put it in or do you just poor it all over the engine?

“No thanks, I’m a bit busy changing the oil on the car.” I said.

Oh alright, I was washing my face with Crystal Clear’s Deep Cleanse Gel faster than you could say, pat dry with a towel and then apply a thin layer of 10 Minute Glow to your skin.

So many life changing ingredients go into this thing I wouldn’t even know where to start so, if you’re interested in all that stuff, you’ll have to visit the website where the ingredients are listed. I do remember something about Ammonium Lacate and Almond Glyceride being mentioned, which I think are, like, real good for your face. Bad news if you’re a fan of made up marketing terminology though, as far as I could tell there was no Biffidus Digestivun and not even a trace of Bozwerlox to be found.

Not forgetting Bifidus Regularis - becasue that is definitely an actual thing that's good for you. Honest.

Not forgetting Bifidus Regularis – because that is definitely an actual thing that’s good for you. Honest.

Anyway, this mask was so good, a week later, when Mrs Blackman asked the question, “Why don’t you do a 10 Minute Glow, watch The Three Day Nanny, and talk to me?” Of course I didn’t give it a second thought (mainly because I wasn’t quick enough to think of an excuse). To be honest, the 10 Minute Glow bit was never in question but Three Day Nanny. I can think of better things to do!

So, what have we learnt? Basically, whether you’re a boy or a girl, 10 Minute Glow completely rules. As long as you don’t tell any of the Lancastrian men who live in my village, I’m willing to put on record here and now – I’m a massive fan and will be using it again and again.

“This amazing peel off mask leaves your skin radiant in just 10 minutes flat!”

Click for Site

Click for Crystal Clear

For once, a product that really does do what it says on the tin. (By the way, it doesn’t come in a tin.) At £24.99 it’s a real bargain too, as far as I’m concerned. I should get at least another 5 masks out of it – and that’s with Mrs Blackman getting the same!

Obviously this is a departure from my usual type of blog based subject matter. What’s he doing this for? You might well ask. Well, of course, I was only too delighted when my good friend (I’ve never met her) Sharon Hilditch MBE asked me to write a blog about 10 Minute Glow.

Mrs Blackman does know her well and, when Sharon heard I had used it she said, “get him to blog, get him to blog.” Now, I’m not 100% sure on the legislation but, as far as I know, if an MBE asks you to write a blog for them – you better had, or you go to the Tower of London, or something like that.

So there you have it. My first (and I’m pretty sure last) Skincare Review.  I’m more or less a #bblogger

Please do feel free to ask questions via the comments section below. On Skincare, Health, Lifestyle and Relationship issues – I specialise in all. Just start your enquiry, Dear Ben…


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