Top Ten Christmas Songs Eva!


December 1, 2013 by benmblackman


* dishonest  **unrealistically  *** truth

Regular readers of this blog (and let’s be honest*, there are quite literally* millions of you) will recall the absolutely brilliant*** post me and @vicky_walters put together recently with our Top 10 90’s hits.

Since that time we have been inundated (mainly I asked her and she said yes) with requests for us to do the same for our Top 10 Christmas Songs.

My eyes are up HERE, Santa!

My eyes are up HERE, Santa!

So, here they are. Obviously before we start I would just like to point out that, unlike a question in your A’ Level Economics class (Chelmsford, 1996), there really is NO such thing as a wrong answer here. These songs are ALL winners, as too are countless others who, unfortunately didn’t make the cut. The real winner, I’m sure you will all agree, is Christmas (and Mariah Carey, who actually wins. Oops, Spoiler Alert but – if you’re any kind of Christmas or music lover you know this already).

Obviously, being a gentleman, I allowed Vicky all of her choices even though some clashed with mine. This meant I could get others onto the list we wouldn’t have fitted in otherwise, so double bonus really.


10. White Wine in the Sun – Tim Minchin

He looks a bit like Jesus too. Very Christmassy

He looks a bit like Jesus too. Very Christmassy.

Ben: In at number 10, mainly because none of you will have heard of it, is Tim Minchin’s – White Wine in the Sun. Also, it’s 6.27 minutes long and has so many words you’ll never learn them all. But, it is still an incredible Christmas song. He released this during the lead up to the first Christmas I celebrated with my gorgeous little baby daughter. It’s all about Christmas, family, and beautiful baby daughters. Who wouldn’t like this eh?

9. Driving Home For Christmas – Chris Rea

It's really about Thanksgiving but then it mentions Christmas a lot?

Gravel voice.

Ben: Not a Christmas has gone by I can remember, since I began working for a living (seriously I do work as well as writing blogs you know), when I haven’t left for the last time before the Christmas Break and played this song. It’s as classic as my regular Dolly Parton – 9 to 5 Friday night walk home anthem. Even if I’m only driving 10 miles home, in my mind I’m in Planes Trains and Automobiles (even though this song wasn’t actually played in that film, because that’s about Thanksgiving).

8. Band Aid – Do they know it’s Christmas?

Never mind Band Aid, let's do Hair Style Aid. If we can just help 1 80's popstar get a hair cut...

Never mind Band Aid, let’s do Hair Style Aid. If we can just help one 80’s popstar get a hair cut…

Vicky: This song still gives me chills, a real classic that everyone knows the words to and one that did a lot of good too. Basically the best songs are ones you can sing along to and this one fits the bill perfectly.

Ben: I love Vicky’s hugely well researched statistical reference of ‘did a lot of good’. I looked it up (well somebody’s got to take some responsibility around here) and they raised £65,000,000 in 1985! That’s what? About a gadillion in real terms 2013. After donating the majority of that in the years following 1985 they still give grants of over £1.25m a year these days from the legacy. Wow.

7. This Christmas – Vonda Shephard

Something tells me this is Vonda? Just a subliminal feeling.

Vicky: I first heard this song on Ally McBeal and have loved it ever since. I think it’s more well known in America than here. I like to play it when decorating the tree!

6. Christmas Wrapping – The Waitresses

They don't look like Waitresses to me

Well they don’t look much like Waitresses to me.

Ben: Does anybody actually know the words to this song? I know I don’t. It’s like the Vanilla Ice of Christmas Songs – everybody thinks they know the words but they don’t really. Drunken dancing at lunchtime Christmas parties is made for this though.

5. Last Christmas – Wham

Such good friends, I can't see these two ever falling out...oh

Such good friends, I can’t see these two ever falling out…oh.

Ben: Vicky culled this from her list at the last minute – which I have to say was incredibly reckless of her, as well as disrespectful to Georgios Kyriacos Panayiotou and the other boy from Wham, Andrew I believe his name was.

I could not let Georgios down again at Christmas, the poor bloke has gone through enough if you listen to this song! So, long story short, if Paul McCartney is reading – sorry Paul but you got cut.

Although this is actually a really sad song it still makes me happy. I’m such a heartless bastard! I remember this playing in my Mum’s car when I was waiting for her to come back from a shop or something when I was just 10 years old. Please note: she had locked the door and it wasn’t a sunny day so, she was being fairly responsible. Don’t report her to the RSPCA. A good thing came of this incident. I have LOVED Wham ever since (and Christmas).

4. Santa Baby – Eartha Kitt

I don't think you could get a more gorgeous Record Sleeve

I don’t think you could get a more gorgeous Record Sleeve.

Ben: If you can listen to this song without thanking the Lord for Christmas, music and Ertha Kitt, stop reading this blog right now – you mean nothing to me. I can’t describe the beauty of this, it’s just everything you ever want from life in one song. From an era of innocence it’s more than a little bit cheeky. Mylie Cyrus should take note. Hold a little back, Mylie!

3. Wizzard – I wish it could be Christmas Everyday

It IS Christmas everyday when you're in Wizzard!

It IS Christmas everyday when you’re in Wizzard!

Vicky: This song has been played every Christmas since I was born, it’s just delightfully bonkers, a true British Christmas Classic. Girls Aloud do a good version too.

Ben: Although we don’t like to admit it, I think we all really agree with our parents when they explain to us that, if it really was Christmas every day, it wouldn’t be as good.

I think.

2. Slade – Merry Christmas Everybody

Dress Down Friday

Dress Down Friday.

Vicky: Like the Beatles songs, you’re likely to learn the words to this from birth, it’s wheeled out every year and is best sung along too loudly and too tipsy. It just captures Christmas perfectly.

Ben: Tipsy? What’s that?I am soooooo going to be sober this Christmas, but that’s another story…

1. Mariah – All I want for Christmas

See if you can time the piano intro to perfection

See if you can time the piano intro to perfection.

Vicky: I just love this song!!! It’s just not Christmas until you’ve heard it. Also check out the slow version by Lady Antebellum.

Ben: Slow version? Nobody needs to bother with THAT, Walters. Like the Len Goodman of this situation, I am the Head Judge so I’d just like to point out I agree with Vicky’s decision on this. It’s our joint Number 1. I sometimes actually listen to this song during the year. It always makes me remember how happy you can be, whatever time of year it is!

Merry Christmas everybody!

And scroll down if you want a really special Christmas Gift.

Secret Bonus Track

Stay Another Day – East 17

Shine it to the north to the south to the east to the the place I love...BEST!

Shine it to the north to the south to the east to the west…to the place I love…BEST!

Ben: This song isn’t about Christmas, it’s actually really sad, but for that reason very important and life affirming too. It always reminds me of Christmas and the people you miss as well as those who are here. Celebrate them both if you can.


8 thoughts on “Top Ten Christmas Songs Eva!

  1. My songs are the best ones! 🙂

  2. Can we add in New Year Songs or is that a whole other blog? I am thinking of that Sugababes (first incarnation) song called something like New Year’s Eve…

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