A Year Without Beer


December 26, 2013 by benmblackman

365I think I might miss annoying everyone about how many days I have been WITHOUT Alcohol (360 today) once this thing is over!

So, before it is, why not fill out my simple survey here to decide: What should my first alcoholic drink be after 365 days WITHOUT alcohol?

BenBlackmanPicYou can read all about what I’ve been up to here:

Emily Benet Interview


And if you’re really bored you can listen about it on BBC Radio here I’m on at – 01:10:30 on the timer thingy.


4 thoughts on “A Year Without Beer

  1. isabelrogers says:

    Curses! Mr Law took my go and I can’t vote twice. I would have voted champagne, as you know.

  2. Maybe it should be a long Island Iced Tea? Or champagne to commemorate the celebration?

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