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July 28, 2014 by benmblackman

*Not much, just in passing, maybe twice, definitely not more than that.

*Not much, just in passing, maybe twice, definitely not more than that.

Recently my good friend (I’ve met her once but I know for a fact she really likes me) and esteemed author, Emily Benet, briefly mentioned* the burden that becomes of the successful author – answering interview questions.

As well as writing books (when they are not too busy moaning about how hard that is) it is a well-known fact authors like to moan about stuff. Mainly everything. Well, it’s not easy drinking cups of tea, eating crisps, making up stories and typing (whilst nobody shouts at you for failing to meet your KPI’s and Targets this month), is it?

I jest because if the day ever comes when I am ‘an author’, I will completely embrace this and ensure everybody knows it is the hardest thing in the world to do, ever. It’s the rules.

Anyway, I know poor Emily has become fatigued by answering some similar questions in recent interviews so I asked her a few of my own. I don’t think she has been asked these ones before. It’s not been easy to type for this long to be honest, but I’m battling through.

1. If you could only drink one alcoholic drink for the rest of your life – what?

Red wine. Just the thought of drinking it every week is starting to make me miss beer, but that is my final answer.

To be honest, when you drink as much as Emily, this is quite a tough ‘lifestyle choice’.

2. Favourite piece of art?

I’m in love with The Tailor by Giovanni Battista Moroni. Six years ago I thought I’d base a character on him for a book and used to visit The National Gallery to see him.

There she goes again, always talking about writing. See you DO like questions about writing.

You can buy a signed copy here!

You can buy a signed copy here! It’s one of my top  Narrative Non-Fiction books, ever (and I have read a lot I love).

3. What is the biggest light you have ever made and how much did it cost?

You’re either buying or you’re not. Don’t waste my time.

True Emily Benet Fans (like me) will know her first book was the amazing Shop Girl Diaries. Please buy it and read it. It’s brilliant, seriously. It’s difficult not to sound sarcastic at this point into a sarcastic blog I find but I really do mean that.

4. You are young. On average, how many times a week do you eat Nandos?

I haven’t eaten in Nando’s for over five years. We are posh grown-ups now. We buy organic Alabama chicken from Meat, an excellent independent butcher.

Mmmmm ‘Meat’. Sounds lovely, I’m sure.



5. Favourite James Blunt song?

The new one is quite catchy. Heart to Heart. I’ll take it.

She’s got all his albums.

6. Do you agree that the over development of crisp flavours in modern Britain has spoilt what used to be a traditional snack you knew you could rely on?

I only buy Salt & Vinegar. I like to feel my lips burning but often they aren’t salty enough. I hate Cheese & Onion with a passion. I also hate Pringles. Once you pop you can’t stop? What a load of rubbish.

I know she would probably swear in real life but says ‘rubbish’ for professional interviews, like this one.

The lady doth protest too much.

The lady doth protest too much.

7. Have you ever spelt Colombia wrong?

No. Can I take this precious moment to clarify that it’s not spelt Columbia? Thank you.

Emily’s husband is ColOmbian. Let’s just say she hates the misspelling of ColOmbia more than Pringles, and we all know her strong stance on Pringles.

8. When was the last time you injured a child? How?

I can’t remember the last time I injured anything.

Really? If not a child, surely you’ve stood on a small dog or kicked a pigeon ‘by accident’?

earing9. What have you lost (that’s really annoying you), when did you lose it, and where did you have it last?

I lost a turquoise butterfly earring. They sell them in Colombia so it’s a bit far to buy another pair. I miss wearing them.

You probably should have been a bit more careful with it then really. Oh, but hang on a minute – Colombia? I saw those in Asda the other day mate.

10. What is best Spain or Wales?

Ha! Cheeky! There are people living in both countries that I love dearly. That’s all I’m saying.

She’s half Welsh, half Spanish and married to a Colombian – no wonder she gets so agro about crisps and spelling of country names.

Well, I think we have all learnt a lot from this. If for some reason you still want to read things that Emily has written – or you think you know where her earing is – you can find her here.

Emily Benet blogger turned author: Her books include Shop Girl Diaries, Short Stories for Busy Adults and Blogging for Beginners. She has just signed a 2 book deal with Harper Collins’ imprint Harper Impulse. Her new book, The Temp will be out in September 2014. 


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