Les jours du pantalon rouge


January 4, 2015 by benmblackman

This is Amelie - I don't know war the horse is called

This is Amelie – I don’t know war the horse is called

So, me and my friend in France, Amélie, have developed a joint blog type thing, ok? It’s pretty simple – I asked 5 questions and Amélie asked 5 questions and we put them all together and then sent them to each other and answered them all and sent those to each other and then each put the others answers on our blog and linked to the other ones blog too. Got it? Amélie is 9 years old and I am only 34 so, if we can get it – I don’t know what you’re confused about.

1) What is your name and how old are you? (Yeah, I know that’s 2 questions really but – we need to set the scene eh.)

My name is Amélie and I am 9 years old.

That is a great name Amélie. I like the accent on the é. My daughter has one of those but nobody knows how to do one on a computer. I do though because my daughter has one. Löök – I càn dō thêse âs węll!

2) Where do you live and what’s the best thing about it?

I live in a little village in the south of France and we have a house and a Gite. It is very nice weather most of the time. We live in front of the Mont Canigou and now it has snow on it all the way to spring, even when it is sunny and warm like today, which makes it really beautiful. 

Wow – I want to live there too now. Can I have your Gite?

3) What don’t you like about where you live?

That our house can leak from time to time and that we live far from our relatives.

But does the Gite leak? I only want your Gite if it doesn’t leak. It still sounds lovely but I bet it is hard living far away from your relatives. 

This is Amelie doing archaeology

This is Amélie doing archaeology

4) Do you know what a loom band is?

Yes it is a kind of elastic band and you can make bracelets with it like the Fish-tale or the Single I like you tubers who do loom band videos.

Yeah, same here. I know all about them. Everyone was mad for them last summer and I know all that fishtale, double fishtale, reverse quadruple fishtale backbone (I made that last one up) stuff. Someone I saw made a fishtale skipping rope, that was way long!

5) Do you speak French?

Yes / Oui I do. My first language is english my second is French. At school all my lessons are in French, even my English lesson is in French! – Hello, my name is Amélie (so easy) – and I also learn Catalan and Spanish.

Whattttttttttt! Hang on a second, you’re only 9 years old and you speak all of these languages but I am a ‘little’ bit older than 9 years old and I can only just speak English. A lot of the time I don’t even know how to spell words properly or where to put a comma. You are very clever.

6) What is your favourite food?

My favourite foods are pizza (but mostly just with three kinds of cheese, not four or five because then it is goat’s cheese and blue cheese which I don’t like) and brownie. I like cucumber too.

High 5 – I do NOT like goats cheese or blue cheese. They smell horrible and taste even worse. Adults pretend they are nice but really they taste like socks your sister has worn for 4 days in a row without changing them. Brownie is very tasty. You should make some of those and send them to me in the post. I think they would last long enough if you send them express delivery. Cucumber is good for you. Pizza, Brownies and Cucumber sounds like a very balanced diet. Well done.

7) What off school/work activities do you do?

I do fencing (with a sword not an epée, and all the other kids in my club are boys!), horse riding (this year we are learning to jump – today I did my first oxer) and scrabble and guitar and I like playing Minecraft. I like skiing too but we only go occasionally as it’s expensive.

Girls at my school used to chase us and try to hit us but you do that with sword – that should keep them in their place! I had to look up what an epée is so thanks for teaching me that. Horse riding with jumps – I am excited for you. I have never ridden a horse but my family want to make me. I did hear that skiing is a bit expensive – and horses. How much does a sword cost? Maybe you should just concentrate on scrabble.

8) Did/do you know what you wanted to be when you were an adult?

I wanna (LOL.) be an archeologist because I want to find DINOSAUR bones in Argentina.

Wow. I think I wanted to be a milkman when I was 9. Your idea is better but I would still really like to be a milkman if you get to drive an electric cart. My cousin was an archeologist but now he is a band manager. He is a bit cooler than me!

9) What did you ask for for Christmas?

I didn’t ask what I wanted this year, my toy hippo (Hippo) asked for a wife and one or two kids because when I am at school he gets lonely.

I want a toy hippo now! And then a wife and one or two kids in case he gets lonely when I’m at school. Work, I mean work – I have to go to work now instead of school. Being an adult is SO boring Amélie. I hope you got your hippos.

Amelie Magic10) What was you favourite book that you got for xmas?

My favourite book I got for Christmas was this magic book. I really wanted a magic book because I want to become a great magician. Then when I am an archeologist I can surprise people by making the bones come out of the ground without touching them. That would be awesome and super-fun. Oh yes and about archeology, in my stocking from Santa I got a little block of hardened sand that you have to dig out dinosaur bones with a little scraper and a brush and then arrange them. Mine was a triceratops. But I haven’t had time to learn all the magic yet in my book so I have had to do that just normally with my hands.

Can I do all my answers again now please because you are SO much cooler than me! Fencing, horse riding, hippo owning,  MAGICIAN, archeologist who speaks 3 languages. And you’re only 9. When you’re 10 I think you’re going to be in charge of Europe or something. You would do it much better. Your book and archeologist present sound fantastic. I think you deserve them for being so brilliant. Thanks for doing this blog with me it’s been way fun.

 So there you have it. Now make sure you go to Amélie’s blog HERE to read my answers but mainly to read all her amazing blogs. My favourite is when she went to the book factory to see books being made. She rules!


3 thoughts on “Les jours du pantalon rouge

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  2. claireking9 says:

    Mum of Amélie here! She says she would love to be President of the World one day, and she promises not to keep all the powers for herself. There would be some police, some police police, and some police police police and so on. Also that the gate doesn’t leak, and that there is a saying in French that explains it: “fils de cordonnier est toujours le plus mal chaussé”

    • benmblackman says:

      I love this idea of police police police etc. Can I be Head of Film in the world parliament? I like the French saying – but really need to learn French to get the most out of my new friendship – google translate is RUBBISH!
      Re: the Gite. Ok, I want it, please send me the keys.

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