TV or not TV that is the question


July 19, 2015 by benmblackman


A 6.5 year old and a 1.5 year old – 14 days until the summer holidays begin – and NOW we decide to get rid of our TV. Some would say we are stupid, others mad. Not I. Or Mrs B either.


I’ve always said I could quite happily get rid of our TV and live without it. But look what happened last time I said something similar – A Year Without Beer


nature manWhen ever I’ve known or met people who tell me they have no TV I always think – wow, that sounds amazing. No more sitting around flicking through endless channels of rubbish. So much more time for creativity and worthwhile pursuits. Radio, music, the great outdoors.

Somebody stop me!

So we decided we would go ahead and do this thing last Sunday night. Living in a house with a 6.5 year old ‘no TV’ is often used as a threat and we didn’t want this to seem like it was a life changing ‘you’re ruining my life’ punishment moment (believe me, when you’re 6.5 there seem to be a lot of ‘you are ruining my life’ moments anyway. So – we agreed to pretend the TV was broken and see what happened next. Obviously we could make a comeback from that without it being any big deal either way if we so wished for any reason. Maybe it would be too much for the kids. Maybe for us.

A week later though I can report, whilst the TV still stands proud in its same place – it has not been miraculously fixed (switched back on at the plug). Not even once.

So what’s it like? Well I’ll tell you shall I? I might as well now I’ve got all this new found time on my hands…


IMG_6355 1I get home from working all day to find The Calpol Kid painting at the the kitchen table (note: this is a good thing. It could easily be painting the kitchen table and that is specifically not allowed). All seems to be going well except for the slightly confrontational conversation I hear towards the end of the evening.

“No. We are not ‘too poor’ to have a TV any more. We’ve just decided not to fix it.”


“Because it will be better without having a TV, don’t you think?”


“Well we’re not getting it fixed anyway because we think it will be better without it.”

“Because we are too poor?”

“NO! We could get a new TV if we wanted to.”

“A pink one?”

“No, we’re not getting a new TV.”

“Because we are too poor?”

It’s amazing how much quality time you have to chat with your children when you don’t have a TV.


Stay Tuned for Day 2 – Cancelling Sky

“And what is the reason you would like to cancel your subscription, Sir?’

“I’ve decide to get rid of my TV.”

“But I don’t have an option for that.”


One thought on “TV or not TV that is the question

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