You know when Sarah Jessica Parker’s character on Sex & the City does that annoying bit at the end of each episode when she says ‘and it kinda got me thinking…’ Well, I have multiple of those ‘kinda got me thinking’ situations a day so I thought I’d best let it out somewhere.

I’m hoping that my thoughts aren’t as annoying as hers (and that I got her name right, and that she does actually say that – I’m not a massive expert on the program having only watched it a few times so, correct me if I’m wrong).

Anyway – hi, my name is Ben, I live in Lancashire with my wife, daughter (3.5 years old) and 3 legged cat (15 / 16 years old – ish). It’s a bit rude to ask how old my wife is but let it be on record – I am younger!

So, why the blog? I really want to be a writer. Don’t worry – I don’t think I’ll be giving up the day job just yet (or ever probably – let’s be realistic) but aspirations wise – I want to be a writer. To me this means getting a book published, maybe the odd article in a paper or magazine, who knows. I love writing, am a third through writing my first book and guess if you want to get good at something, you’ve got to practice – right?

So here goes. Thanks for reading if you do – let me know what you think (good, bad or ugly – oh, not me by the way – the blog I mean)!




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